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  • The APEGO learning system

    – digital coaching- what is that ? –

    APEGO has provided the opportunity to support the daily training of horses in a completely new way via digital media. We combine both conventional training systems and the advantages of digital learning and through this can guarantee a robust and comprehensive support from your instructors.

    Within the digital learning environment you have access to the complete knowledge of our training program, whether a desktop version or a mobile App.

    In addition you are supported by instructors, who will assist you with your training in the real world.

    In support, you can join up with friends and help each other with your studies- as sometimes an objective view from someone is very helpful to recognize a problem, which you yourself might not have seen.

    The community for horse lovers

    Our community consists of Horse lovers, experts, trainers and instructors.

    We are a community of people who love horses and are committed to create a better world for horses.

    Be part of our community

    Do you want to commit yourself to create a better world and fair handling for horses? Do you want to learn the multidimensional language of horses step by step? Do you want to improve the interaction between you and your horse?

    Then be a little bit “APEGO” – the closeness of bond between you and your horse – and become part of our community.

    For students

    Why become an Instructor

    With APEGO we have created a learning platform which will make your career more profitable and will grant your profession the recognition which it deserves. APEGO supports horse enthusiasts in a new and modern manner.

    APEGO stands for the both offline (assisted real world) and digital (online) learning- we take the best of both worlds – to be in line with our motto: Always with Quality.

    For Instructors

    The success of the APEGO Learning system is due to the consolidation of digital learning and real training. Step by step new dimensions are opened for horse coaching due to the optimized communication.

    The way to a true connection between you and your horse.

    Be part of our community!