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  • The Equine Quality System

    – The gateway to your horse’s soul –

    The EQS is a logically structured system, which assists you to observe, review and understand the behaviours of your horse and then modify these behaviours to ones that you prefer. The basic principle of the EQS is the individual relationship between a human and a horse.

    EQS is a spectrum which identifies 30 mental and emotional qualities commonly inherent in horses. The qualities manifest themselves in certain physical behaviours by the horse. Some behaviours are valued by humans while others are considered less desirable and would be best if they could be modified toward the more valued (or centred) behaviours.

    The EQS provides a diagnostic process for the human to identify their horse’s behaviour, link that to mental and emotional qualities, then follow a “map” to a set of improvement strategies which can be used by the human to modify the horse’s mental and emotional qualities and so produce the desired behaviour. This then allows you to create an individual training program for your horse, depending on the situation and needs. The EQS is therefore not rigid, but dynamically adapts to the experience and temperament of riders and horse.

    The EQS is multi-dimensional, meaning you can evaluate your horse moment by moment as well as task by task and additionally as a holistic view of your horse over all. It can be used to help you train your horse on a specific task as well as determine your best approach for your entire training program, and relates specifically to whatever level of training and experience the horse has, from foal to pleasure horse to World Champion. When you effectively use EQS, you are developing your perfect equine partner.

    To assist you in training your horse, the EQS describes the use of your Body Energy in conjunction with Support Energy (from Horseman tools) and provides a world first, unique set of Horseman Melodies which describe to you HOW to apply energy to your horse to modify their behaviour (or in real terms – HOW to train your horse).

    The 10 Centred Qualities

    In every single training session your horse is showing certain behaviours and by this reveals his mental and emotional qualities. In total, the EQS defines 20 qualities which can be identified by the horse’s behaviour as being Less Expressive (10) or More Expressive (10) than the 10 Centred qualities. The EQS offers task oriented training methods in order to improve the current behaviour (Less or More Qualities) of your horse into the desired (Centred Quality) behaviour.


    The horse can handle scary situations.


    The horse follows the human’s request.


    The horse follows the human’s request in a confident and appropriate manner.


    The horse is attentive to the human and looks and decides how to solve the task given.


    The horse responds promptly and appropriately to a stimulous and shows a positive posture.


    The horse moves as requested and displays zeal in finding out what is required to fulfil the task.


    The horse takes and maintains the gait, speed and rhythm requested.


    The horse is ready, willing and able to respond to any request with lightness, smoothness and bounciness (self-carriage).


    The horse explores things/objects with all his senses.


    The horse tries to move objects and individuals in a friendly way.

    Tony Lander

    Tony, who calls Australia home, has been an instructor of Horsemanship for the past 24 years. He believes that Knowledge, Analysis, Reflection and Progression are the keys to lifelong learning. Together with his friend and colleague Birger Gieseke, he developed the Equine Quality System. Tony views the EQS as the epitome of thinking about the horse before setting your goals; EQS teaches people to READ their horse and the horse benefits from the person’s better understanding. This is absolutely true at any level of development of a horse and a human. Tony is Co-Founder of APEGO GmbH and has significantly contributed to the development of the EQS into an E-Learning system for APEGO. Tony describes the EQS as a diagnostic roadmap to the behaviour and training of horses.

    about Tony

    Birger Gieseke

    Birger has worked with horses for over 40 years. Due to their common philosophy and their long- lasting friendship with Tony Lander, they developed the EQS system together as well as co-founded the APEGO GmbH.
    His knowledge, his experiences and his skills are the outcome of his studies and intensive learning process.

    In his philosophy as a horseman, Birger sees the interconnection of Horse and Human in a partnership way, where the human takes the lead and considers the laws of nature together with the horse’s needs.



    about Birger

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