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  • Tony Lander

    – Co-founder of APEGO & Co-developer of EQS –

    Tony Lander is a co-founder of APEGO GmbH and has, in collaboration with his friend and colleague Birger Gieseke, developed the unique, inspired and revolutionary Equine Quality System (EQS). Tony, born and raised in Australia, is a progressive trainer and instructor in Horsemanship and is not influenced by any conventions and traditions, rather, he draws on his foundation learning and develops through his self-discipline of analysis, reflection and progression. A special milestone in the life of Tony Lander was the encounter with his friend and colleague Birger Gieseke from Germany. The two guys have since taught many courses together, discussed Horsemanship relentlessly and culminated with the development of the Equine Quality System. Tony describes the EQS as a diagnostic roadmap for Humans into the behavior, understanding and development of the horses.

    Tony was besotted by the majesty and grace of horses in his early childhood, and although he did not grow up with horses, he quickly realized that he was intended for working with horses.

    At the age of 19 he bought his first horse, “Prince”, a standard breed. Over the next 13 years he tried to find his place in the equestrian world. Tony worked with different coaches in different disciplines but could not find a “fit” during that time. He really tried to understand the horses and did learn very extensively from them, but did not find a base in any conventional training methods. In 1993 Tony met Pat Parelli for the first time and since then found his way in Horsemanship.

    In the following years, he became a top level Parelli Instructor and was coaching in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. During that time he studied relentlessly, learning from Pat, Linda and the horses he worked with and developed extraordinary skills in his understanding of the horses and how to communicate with them.
    Tony is a world class teacher and has developed his methods of instruction in parallel with his Horsemanship, and wants to share his knowledge with people who love their horses to make life better for them.
    Tony offers his students the safest and most effective way to develop their own abilities so that they build the kind of relationship to their horse they have always dreamed of.

    Tony Lander founded the International Horsemans Institute in 2006 in order to get closer to his goal of improving training methods for riders and horses and to make the horse industry more “in tune” with the Horses.
    Many riders want to develop their own skills by using professional training methods, sadly very often this is without any necessary foundation. “Those foundations are of vital importance”, says Tony. Only a close relationship and real communication between the rider and the horse can be the base from which everything wonderful is built. Folks need to understand that they are the “trainers” of their horses in every second they are together. Horses are extremely sensitive and perceive every action and reaction of the rider very precisely.

    „Horses do nothing good or bad – All horses have Qualities. Horses simply reflect their human.“