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  • APEGO  – Beyond Horsemanship –

    – the bond of humans and horses –

    APEGO  – Beyond Horsemanship –

    – the bond of humans and horses –

    Our aim is to improve the world for horses by helping people to better understand their horses. A trusting, respectful communication is the foundation of real partnership.

    As a specialized provider of eLearning content, we offer a unique combination of knowledge, skills, educational methods and decades of experience. Our knowledge and skills are equally used by Olympic champions and leisure riders alike.
    The Equine Quality System (EQS) has been developed in order to enable everyone to be able to access this knowledge, skills and experience and by so doing, to also experience a special and unique bond with their horse.

    Our students will be guided, step by step, through the complex language of horses. This will result in a new understanding of the horse’s nature.
    How do they think? What do they feel? What motivates your horse?
    Safety for both, horses and humans, is a very important aspect; we are convinced that our methods will assist you to reach your goals with safety and especially with your horse’s best interests at heart.

    EQS –  The innovators or who’s behind the scene?

    The EQS is based on years of experience and intensive studies of our horsemen Birger Gieseke from Germany and Tony Lander from Australia.

    Both friends have dedicated their lives to horses and gained international recognition. Professional riders rely on EQS as well as people, who simply love their horses. Tony and Birger have further developed their businesses into their company – APEGO GmbH are now converting their system into the digital world. As a result Horsemanship is now easier to learn and accessible to everyone.

    EQS – a new dimension of learning

    We offer a mix of videos, structured study cards and specific exercises. Our program combines the advantages of digital learning and live training courses. EQS will be developed as a desktop version and as an APP.

    The EQS identifies Mental and Emotional Qualities commonly inherent in Horses. The Qualities manifest themselves in certain physical behaviours of the horses. The EQS provides a diagnostic process for the human to identify (or read) their horse´s behaviour, link that to mental or emotional qualities, then follow a “roadmap” of improvement strategies and so develop the desired physical behaviour. By using the most effective and efficient Energy (body energy, support energy and techniques) our students will be able to optimize the qualities of their horses. We will guide students through this structured system which will match the individual stage of development of you and your horse, as every horse has his own character. Our students can decide on what, when and where to learn and our community will offer a platform for discussion and joint learning.

    EQS – Eine neue Dimension des Lernens

    Wir bieten Dir einen Mix aus Lernvideos, übersichtlichen Lernkarten und gezielten Übungen an. Das Lernprogramm verbindet dabei die Vorteile des digitalen Lernens und echter Trainingsstunden. Das EQS wird als Desktop-Version und als App entwickelt.

    Im EQS sind Bewegungsmuster des Reiters der Grundstein für die Kommunikation mit dem Pferd. Unsere Reiter verfeinern mit unserem Programm ihre Körpersprache. Dadurch sind sie in der Lage die Fähigkeiten (= Qualitäten) ihres Pferdes eigenständig zu verbessern. Zum Erlernen der Bewegungsmuster (= Melodien) führen wir unsere Reiter durch ein strukturiertes System, welches sich individuell dem Entwicklungsstand des Pferdes anpasst. Denn jedes Pferd hat seinen eigenen Charakter.
    Die Studenten des EQS können selber entscheiden was, wie und wo sie lernen. In unserer Community können sich Gleichgesinnte austauschen und gemeinsam lernen.

    EQS – Trainings and Events –

    We are educating instructors, who will help you online and can be booked for personal coaching or lessons.

    We are convinced that the full potential of the EQS can only be achieved by a mixture of on-line self- learning, courses and personal coaching and lessons. To achieve this we are creating a community in which everyone can understand the horse and gain sustainable success.

    It is about a deep bond between humans and horses.

    APEGO – a better world for horses!

    The way to a true connection between you and your horse.

    Be part of our community!